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On this page of Aman Video, you can find the videos of the products you want, and we will also regularly update our new product videos. If you don’t find the video you want, don’t worry, you can follow our YouTube or TikTok account to browse the latest videos.Of course, you can also send your requirements to Aman, and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

Video About Mould

1.cap mould 600600
Cap Mould
2.PET Perform Mould 600600
PET Perform Mould
3.Flip Top Cap Mould 600600
Flip Top Cap Mould
4.Honey Cap Mould 600600
Honey Cap Mould
Two-color Mould
5.Eye Dropper Cap Mould 600600
Eye Dropper Cap Mould

Video About Molding Machine

1.Extrusion Blow Molding Machine 600600
Extrusion Blow Molding Machine
2.Injection Molding Machine 600600
Injection Molding Machine
3.PET Injection Molding Machine 600600
PET Injection modling machine
4.Two colour Injection Molding Machine 600600
Two colour Injection Molding Machine
5.Hand Inserted Automatic Blow Molding Maghine 600600
Hand Inserted Automatic Blow Molding Maghine
7.Thin-wall high -speed injection molding machine 600600
Thin-wall high -speed injection molding machine

The Philosophy of responsibility and innovation is built on decades of experience: Aman constantly reminds ourselves that each detail of a machine achieves perfection.

Offer Top Quality Solutions &. Equipment for Plastic Molding Industry:
Deliver 5H Molding technology and mentality which are high quality, high speed, high energy saving, high safety, and high stability for the plastic injection molding industry.

Being the world-famous supplier of turnkey injection molding lines with service, technology solutions, and equipment.

Quality Honesty Responsibility
Achieve customer value
Contribution to Society

With the spirit of the craftsman, we are making efforts to produce reliable products for the clients through doing well in every detail, bettering the procedure, improving the process, and pursuing high quality.

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