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The insert injection moulding machine is adapted precisely to your requirements. We have a wide range of options offers great scope: horizontal or vertical injection unit, multi-colour design, with sliding table or rotary table, for manual parts handling or with extensive special automation. We supply all over the world the best vertical injection moulding machines.



Aman Vertical Plastic Injection Moulding Machines

Committed to supplying the best quality products, we are an eminent manufacturer and exporter of a wide range of vertical plastic injection moulding machines and insert moulding machines, Rotary type vertical injection moulding machine, Double slide vertical injection moulding machine, Single slide vertical injection moulding machine, vertical injection moulding machine. Our products are high in performance, compact in size and require minimum maintenance.


1.VR Vertical Rotary Series ( l Generation) 500500

It can be matched with servo main system to save energy and power, improve production efficiency, increase product qualification rate and prolong machine life.

2.VR Vertical Rotary Series (ll Generation) 500500

It can match automation devices automatically such as insertion and removal to achieve full automation. To achieve more convenient operation and automation for line planning, increase production capacity.

3.Three Station Disc Machine Series 500500

The four-column design provides the lower mold for transporting water and oil for more molds. The automatic production can be realized by taking/placing workpieces and cooperating with vibration disc/automation/multi-axis robot.

4.V Standard Machine Series 500500

The machine has strong applicability, such as electronic parts, electrical parts, medical supplies, stationery supplies, sports goods, hardware and plastics, auto parts,etc.

5.VS Single Slide Series 500500

The injection uses a two-cylinder balanced injection system, and the injection is smooth and powerful. The electronic control can automatically display faults, which is convenient for troubleshooting and maintenance.

6.VSD Double Slide Series 500500

Diversified oil circuit system design (semi-closed, fully closed, servo or high- speed injection molding) can be customized to meet customer needs, expandable programming, and automatically bury and remove equipment to achieve fully automatic operation.

Features Of Different Vertical Plastic Injection Moulding Machines (13)

Product Feature

easy to clean 100100
Easy to clean
Easy to maintain 100100
Easy to maintain
long lasting 100100
Long lasting
Reasonable layout 100100
Reasonable layout

Small footprint for more productivity

Aman Machinery servo-hydraulic drive concept actively keeps your energy costs low. Thanks to intelligent pump control, we achieve low power loss and hardly any noise or heat emissions. We try our customers to save expensive energy, use less cooling water and protect the environment.

1.High efficiency 670380
2.Energy-efficient production670380

Energy-efficient production with ecodrive

The insert injection molding machine is adapted precisely to your requirements. A large scale of options offers great scope: horizontal or vertical injection unit, multi-color design, with the sliding table or rotary table, for manual parts handling, or with extensive special automation. We supply you with a vertical injection molding machine made to measure

Wide range of options for mould temperature control

Our servo-hydraulic drive concept eco-drive keeps your energy costs low, and quality progress. Thanks to intelligent pump control, we achieve low power loss and noiseless heat emissions. You save expensive energy, use less cooling water and protect the environment.

3.Wide range of options 670380

Aman Vertical Plastic Injection Moulding Machine Features

1.VR Vertical Rotary Series ( l Generation) 570360
8.HSide Shot Series 570360

1. Vertical mold clamping and injection machine, small footprint, and a high degree of clarity. The injection molding machine is ideal for plastic and rubber injection of medium and small products with admittance and inserts molding.

2. Direct-pressure mold clamp allows even injection force, and the relatively low pressure means maximum precision and a fabulously smooth cycle of operation.

3. This machine offers a wide range of programmable functions including automatic inclusion, extraction, and fully automatic production.

4. The dual-cylinder injection system offers high injecting pressure for fast operation, making this injection machine your best choice for the production of thin items.

5. Choose a platen or a rotary plate by the type of products to be injected, to achieve the best possible feed and injection effects.

6.Many other control systems facilitate flexible production and keep costs low while maximizing precision.

About Injection Molding Machine

10.LSR Silicone Machine 570360

Vertical injection molding machines are many in inlaid and plastic packaging. In daily life, the puts and glue products we see in daily life are made of injection molding mechanisms. If various specifications of vertical machines, glue, and inlaid products cannot be produced.

17.LED Light Bulb lnjection Blow Molding Machine 570360

Although it can be produced in other methods, the injection molding machine can produce products in large quantities to achieve mechanization. Therefore, the conclusion is that the injection molding machine is widely used in the application fields of various industries.

Plastic Injection Molding Machine for Different Industry

Automobile Aman

Such as car filtering, car sunroof, car back mirror gel, fire plug machine skeleton, car keys, and trolley, etc.

Medical Aman

Such as tooth pads, masks, pads, urethra, airbag capsules, oxygen masks, throat masks, medical straps, etc.

3C 500500

Such as mobile phone cases and light guide plates, gels, protective covers, protective covers, new energy battery gums, USB various types of plugs, various types of connectors, terminals, charging interfaces, earplugs, etc.

home appliances 500500

Such as an air conditioning filter and motor rotor stator, high-voltage cooker handle, laundry cover, coil skeleton, and rectifier.

Fan blades 500500

Such as shower baths, lock sticks, backpack buckles, power plugs, linked hooks, spoon buns, fan blades, plugs, LDE light shells, diving glasses, pacifiers, pacifiers, gums, spoons, etc. Plug these

Aman Vertical Injection Molding Machine Manufacturer 1920500

About Aman

Injection molding is one of the main processes of making plastic. It is widely used in the same components with strict tolerances in large-scale production. This is a cost-effective and repetitive technology that can produce high-quality parts in large quantities.

This is a fast and dense process, involving high temperature and high pressure into the mold into the mold. The melting material depends on the scope of the manufacturing project. The most popular materials are various thermoplastic plastics, such as ABS, PS, PE, PC, PP, or TPU, but metal and ceramics can also be formed. The mold consists of a mold cavity, and the melting material injected in the mold cavity is designed to closely reflect the ultimate feature of parts.

Generally speaking, the main cost of injection molding is the cost of mold, also known as mold costs. And an injection molding machine price.
The cost of designing and manufacturing molds depends on the required production quantity, the complexity of parts design, the mold material and the process of making molds.
At the same time,  the injection molding machine price is very concerned about many manufacturers.

Aman Industry Co., Ltd. was established in 2007. Till now, we have already had good export and import relationships with customers in Russia, India, Singapore, Brazil, Mexico, Spain, Ukraine, South Korea, South Africa, and other countries and regions, with great honor. Aman Industry takes “faithful and honest” as our root, persisting in strict management and technology innovation, with careful manufacture and continuous improvement. We make sure to produce products welcomed by the market and provide wholehearted and confident service for all the customers.

  • Nice machine and supplier, price is cheap.

  • Very thoughtful about packing, they removed the wheels so the machine wouldn’t move inside the box.

  • Good machines, nice performance, I haven’t been complained to by my clients.

Q1: What Does the Vertical Injection Molding Temperature Control System Do for our Injection Moulding Production?

A1:”By switching from conventional temperature control systems to the Vertical Injection molding concept, you benefit in many ways:”
significantly reduces energy consumption and gives you the best performance.
Lower rate of water consumption
Stable processes even during low energy
Increased transparency and data quality
Reduced scrap rates
Higher productivity
Lower maintenance requirement
Fewer units for the same performance

Q2: Why is the Vertical injection Moulding Temperature Control so Efficient?

A2:Conventional temperature control systems are inefficient. The inflexible flow control causes high energy and water consumption. When process actions change, no adjustments to the parameters are possible. This results in unnecessary scrap. With intelligent Vertical injection molding temperature control, you will use exactly the amount of energy and water required to produce a good part, shot for shot. Our customers thus save up to 75% of their energy requirements for temperature control.

Q3: How Does Vertical Injection Moulding Temperature Control Work?

A3:The Vertical temperature control system consists of three core components:
·The temperature control unit e-temp,
·the water distributor e-flomo plus, and the digital assistance system iQ flow control.
The water distributor continuously measures all the temperature differences between supply and return at each circuit of the mold. Based on this value, iQ flow control doses the actual amount of water required for each distributor circuit and thus keeps the temperature difference stable. In addition, the water requirements are passed on to the temperature control unit and the optimum speed of the pump is set accordingly. The mold temperature thus remains constant even under changing process conditions -with minimal energy input.

Q4: How Do I Avoid Rejects with Vertical Injection Moulding Temperature Control?

A4: Previous experience the vertical injection molding machines were up to 20% of bad parts in injection molding are caused by errors in temperature control. This does not often appear, as conventional systems do not allow a precise insight into all relevant parameters. IQ flow control gives you the necessary clarity about your
temperature control processes. The active control prevents temperature fluctuations before they lead to rejects. This saves you material and time.

Q5: What Other Advantages Does Vertical injection Moulding Temperature Control Offer? 

A5: On the other hand, the new technology advantage of the intelligent temperature difference control: The pumps of the e-temp units only run with the power currently required. This not only reduces energy consumption but also prevents excessive wear. You benefit from up to 50% less maintenance and at the same time long service life for your units. Through intelligent configurations between e-temp,e-flomo plus, and the mold, the number of temperature control units and the dimensioning of the respective outputs can be additionally optimized.

Q6: If we decide to buy your machine, what’s the progress?

A6: A. First pls confirm the contract.

B. Then please arrange machine advance payment.

C. After we get the payment, we start manufacturing.

D. After you confirm the machine trial at our factory site. You make the balance payment.

E. Then we arrange shipment.

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