13.The difference between injection molding and blow molding

Injection molding technology is widely used. I hope this article can give some inspiration to friends who want to understand this knowledge.——-Vito.

Injection molding A method of molding industrial products. Products usually use rubber injection molding and plastic injection molding. Injection molding can also be divided into injection molding molding and die casting. Injection molding machine (referred to as injection machine or injection molding machine) is the thermoplastic plastic or thermosetting materials using plastic molding mold into plastic products of various shapes of the main molding equipment, injection molding is achieved by injection molding machine and mold.

Blow molding, also known as hollow blow molding, is a rapidly developing plastic processing method. Thermoplastic resin extrusion or injection molding of tubular plastic billet, hot (or heated to the softening state), placed in the open mold, immediately after closing the mold in the billet through the compressed air, the plastic billet blow and close to the inner wall of the mold, after cooling demold, that is, to get a variety of hollow products.

1. Structurally speaking, blow molding can only be used for the production of simple products, such as can not adjust any part of the seat, and the detachable seat is basically blow molding; Injection molding process can be used for more complex structure of the safety seat production, such as head support parts, two wings can be adjusted, sit and lie can be adjusted, folding and other functions;
2.texture difference: blow molding products are hollow, the color is mostly black, because black can cover the burr caused by the blow molding process and the surface is not smooth and other shortcomings, because blow molding mouth is hollow, so the weight is lighter, this point, the entity store a lift you can feel out. Injection molding products smooth surface, simple sense is better than blow molding products, phase to flexibility and pressure resistance is better than blow molding, of course, cost is high, price is higher than blow molding products, high-end safety seat will USES white PP material, is more effective than black can prevent secondary to the material involved in, you can see some product material itself


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