2.What is the difference between an injection molding machine and a blow molding machine (Part 1)

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Injection Blow Molding Machine

1. Introduction
Are you looking to buy some new machines to expand your business?
Not sure which device will be most beneficial for your upcoming project?
This article aims to introduce two of the most popular processes used in production facilities. You can create a wide range of products for end-users between these products.
This article is a great place to start if you are building a new factory but are not sure where to start with the equipment and machinery you need, or even if you are a more experienced factory owner or manager but would like to know What other options might be available to you and better understand the industry.

2. Why might you need either process?
Suppose you are in manufacturing. In this case, your customers will be most satisfied when you can consistently produce high-quality products efficiently and at a competitive price.
They also value your service very highly if they can have variations of the original product line, such as different colors available, smaller or larger versions, or maybe even a slightly different shape.
Small tweaks like these can make a difference, especially when they’re trying to create a product that stands out in stores or decide to enter a very competitive market space.
Products that are instantly recognizable to consumers can lead to stronger positioning and brand loyalty, provided that the item is of a high standard and meets expectations.
For your plant to be successful, operational efficiency and yield production levels will have a huge impact, so installing the right machinery and maximizing the floor space and available labor is critical.
Reliance on computers and automated machines mitigates the impact of human error, allowing more cargo to be handled.
Blow molding and injection molding have their place in production; however, it is important to know which is best for the item you wish to produce.

3. What materials can be used?
Typically, these production methods are aimed at making goods out of plastic.
Plastic products will further diversify depending on the specific polymer you want to use.
Naturally, in this case, each type of plastic will have its mechanical properties and properties.
Processes and machinery are often accurate to a set of plastics or compounds, so making the right decisions early and planning future product lines can save you money and wasted time.
Not only that, but if the wrong material is chosen, it can cause components to fail or degrade faster than expected, which can be a potentially tricky problem, or very expensive to fix.
Thermosoftened plastics are used in blow molding; they become soft, malleable, and can be shaped once heated. This type of plastic can also be called thermoplastic.
And for injection molding, you can also use thermoses as well as composites and elastomers.
Thermoses do not soften when heated unless they are heated to the point of melting.

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