• I use this item for lotions for my bath / soap shop I have. It dispenses thick and thin creams beautifully. Please note, it will arrive with the need to be deep cleaned from manufacturing - it will place a dark grease like product in your product if not cleaned properly. I spent a lot of elbow grease taking off all reside. Mineral spirits was key to going deep because as soon as I thought i had it it was still showing up in my product. It is easy to assemble and disassemble and you need to disassemble and do the thorough cleaning. I've now used it on numerous occasions and no more reside. It is amazing and has made my life so much easier. I run out of my lotion so quickly that this is a life saver!
  • This filler makes filling bottles so time is cut by 74%. The instructions are not good but once I figured out how to set the fill levels the machine was easy to use.Simple to use, efficient and good finition. The firm answers to your questions quickly. High recommandationgood machine for the low cost, have filled hundreds of bottles in one sitting
  • We make handmade aromatherapy sprays and run batches of 200 sprays in a day. This machine really exceeded my expectations. I thought for the price it was worth a shot and with Amazon Prime's return policies I felt comfortable taking a gamble in case it didn't work well.Well, we are incredibly pleased. There was a small learning curve on setting the proper time to fill our bottles to the proper level- and if two liquids have a different viscosity you have to set a different time for each one. But we found it to be as simple as writing down the settings that we use for each liquid and taking the 10-20 seconds to change the settings.
  • Great item. Just remember. To loosen up the screws There's four of them. In the middle of the hopper top the handle will work better. And the pump will work faster. It restricts it somehow by pushing down on the plunger. Besides that that's a good trick everything works.Excellent product!
  • It took me a while to figure out how to make it work but once I did wow, it’s a lifesaver. First I couldn’t turn it on. You have to pull hard on the red emergency shut off button located near the filling nozzle. Then you have to make sure you slide the blue collar thingy on the air compressor hose to the open position. You control the volume with the hand wheel but the speed and flow are controlled with the two little knobs on top (one of mine arrived broken but the seller thoughtfully included a spare) and also the little knob beside the fulling nozzle seems to control the dribbling/dripping after filling stops.Machine delivered in timely matter, works as expected and is what I needed for my business. Seller very responsive and helpful...Thanks
  • This was the best price I found for this sort of machine. It does need cleaned with mineral spirits before use. I took the WHOLE thing apart and cleaned it first. It was complicated to put it all back together but for the record, I think I went a little overboard and cleaned the mechanical inside parts when I didn't need to. I also went ahead and got some rubber washers instead of silicone. I'm using this machine for silicone based lipglosses and liquid lipstick, so I wanted to use something rubber instead. I got those at the local hardware store. Overall this thing is a pain to take apart clean every time I use it, but that goes with the territory and I am very satisfied with using this machine VS filling my containers with a piping bag or spatula.
  • Just use for the first time today. Not real happy with the directions. Ounce I cleaned it out I set it up and I like using it seems to be faster then filling with a funnel. It may take a little time switching to another vial if it a big differents in size as ther it a bolt on the bottom that comes up and another at the bottom of the shaft that comes down. The price is right I may just get another one and set each up for there own vial.
  • This bottle filler is a life saver!!And this has helped me keep my prices low, by keeping the production simple. I have ran over a 1000 bottles with this filler!!! It is spot on with the auto fill function.Item was as i expected, delivery was on time