Plastic Flower Injection Molding Machine

Injection methodplunger
plugnger diameter  mm2828
plugnger stroke  mm11555-115
injection weight(PE)  g17.517.5
injection pressure  Mpa137.7137.7

Plastic Flower Injection Molding Machine

The overall structure is compact, the layout is reasonable,
the workshop space is saved – 20% faster than the traditional machine,
the machine movement cycle brings more product competitiveness for customers.
High stability and high precision, mold accuracy up to + 0.1mm,
injection and rotation holding position accuracy up to + 0.1mm,
product weight accuracy up to 0.2%-0.3%
injection force and adhesive resistance increased by 10%-20% compared with the traditional machine.
Using high response KEBA computer control system, so that the action in 40ms response time size pipeline design, so that the system no function to minimize consumption, for customers to bring a stronger product competitive advantage

A. Clamping unit

1.Using professional machine hinge analysis software to optimize the original BJ series machine hinges After optimization, the machine hinge opening and closing molds are smoother, which completely solves the problem that the machine hinge molds stay for a long time to open the mold.

2.The template is optimized by finite element analysis to make the deformation and strength of the template more reasonable, ensure more stable operation of the machine, and improve the accuracy of customer products

3.The guide of the Colin column is changed from the traditional copper sleeve guide to the high-performance, low-resistance and high-speed composite guide sleeve, and the friction coefficient is reduced from the original 0.2 to 0.02; the energy consumption of the system is greatly reduced, and the collin column is more effectively protected from heat and heat. The previous 0.2 is reduced to 0.02; the energy consumption of the system is greatly reduced, and at the same time, it is more effective to protect the colin column and heat.

4.The friction pair of the sliding foot is made of low-resistance manganese alloy steel belt, which can effectively ensure the smooth movement of the mold



B. The injection unit

1.Compared with the original BJ series and mainstream brand machines on the market, the cross-sectional area of the injection cylinder is increased by 20% to ensure that lower injection pressure is used when injecting products, which is conducive to ensuring injection accuracy and stability; at the same time, it maintains lower pipeline energy loss . For example, when a certain set of molds is produced on the original BJ machine, the actual injection pressure of the system is 100bar, and the injection pressure required for the production of the same tonnage BM machine is: 100X (1-20%) = 80bar.

2.Compared with the mainstream brand machine oil motors on the market, the oil motor is increased by one to two stages to ensure that customers always maintain a low melt pressure when producing melt glue, ensure the melt stability and the life of the oil motor.

3.Symmetrical distribution of double-shot transfer cylinders is used to effectively balance the injection reaction force, so that the glue injection mechanism can be injected smoothly, avoiding the defects of the single-shot transfer cylinder’s unsteady glue injection mechanism and the easy leakage of glue from the nozzle. The defect that the nozzle is easy to leak rubber

4.The dual linear guide rails are used for injection movement and injection guide structure to make the injection resistance smaller, which is beneficial to improve the injection accuracy and machine stability.

5.The optimized structural design of plasticizing components is more suitable for thermoforming of engineering plastics, color mixing and precision plastic products with glass fiber reinforced materials.

Oil System

1.Super power to improve customer productivity and profit. Compared with rival manufacturers, the size of the standard oil pump of the BM machine will exceed one to two stages

2.Optimized oil circuit design minimizes pipeline loss, resistance and vibration. Smooth machine operation and increased precision

3.The back pressure component adopts CNC back pressure to ensure more stable plasticization

4.Double hydraulic protection + electrical protection, to create a super safe machine in the industry, to ensure safe and reliable operation of workers

5.The all-weather cooling system ensures that the oil temperature remains low and the machine runs more stably.

6.The bypass filter system ensures the cleanliness of the hydraulic system, reduces the interference of pollutants on the hydraulic system, and improves the service life of components.

C. Electrical System

1.European KEBA advanced computer control system to ensure stable, precise and efficient operation of the machine

2.Brand electrical components to ensure stability and longevity

D. High rigidity frame

1.Optimized by finite element analysis has extremely high rigidity, which effectively reduces the influence of frame deformation on the precision and stability of the whole machine during high-speed and high-pressure mold clamping injection

E. Overall machine performance

1.Stability: The machine runs extremely smoothly, without system and pipeline impact

2.High precision: a).The mold opening accuracy can reach 0.1mm positive and negative

b). The accuracy of the injection and transfer pressure positions can reach 0.01mm positive and negative

c). Product weight accuracy up to 0.2%-0.3%.

3.Comprehensive speed improvement: Under the condition of ensuring strong glue injection pressure and strong glue melting torque, the speed is greatly improved, bringing direct economic benefits to customers

4. Low noise: The BM machine runs at the maximum pressure and maximum speed during the glue injection and glue melting actions, and the system noise does not exceed 73dB; compared with the factory standard of 82dB of rival manufacturers, it has a qualitative change; it brings customers a quiet factory environment

5. High responsiveness: Using the latest high-response servo energy-saving system developed by Inovance, combined with the optimized oil circuit system and high-response computer control system, the action response time is increased from the original 55ms to 35ms

6. High energy-saving: Adopting high-performance servo energy-saving system, through the optimized oil circuit design, the useless power consumption of the system is minimized, and the system can give as much energy consumption as the product really needs; finally, it will bring strong energy to customer products. Competitiveness and profit.

injection unitInjection methodplunger
plugnger diameter  mm2828
plugnger stroke  mm11555-115
injection weight(PE)  g17.517.5
standardinjection pressure  Mpa137.7137.7
injection speed  mm/s83
temperature control area3
Electric heating capacity  KW5.3
clamping unitMode lockingmachine hinge type
Clamping force   KN900
Mold moving stroke   mm320
tie bar distance (H*V)     mm355*355
maximum mold thickness   mm320
minimum mold thickness   mm130
maximum open distance of mold platen   mm640
ejection force            KN28
ejection stroke     mm80
Number of ejectors1
otherssystem pressure   Mpa17
motor power   KW8
Machine weight   T2.8
Machine size   m4.2*1.12*1.75


Hydraulic part advantage:
The optimized hydraulic pipeline design reduces the pressure loss and power consumption, and improves the system efficiency;
Oil temperature detecting, displaying and alarming device;
Precision bypass filter unit, the system pollution control within NAS8 level;
Low noise system design, noise index below the international standard of excellence, 3dB (A), -5db (A) above;
International well-known manufacturers (Germany, REXROTH/, Japan, YUKEN, etc.) hydraulic components
Die side advantage:
The design of high rigidity formwork has more space for mold size, and is suitable for wider size range of mould;
The utility model has the structure of a European template, a T groove and a conventional thread hole, and conforms to the requirements of European regulation. The utility model is suitable for the requirements of different customers;
A new type of structural designer with mobile formwork, with greater ejection space and stroke, with good rigidity and small deformation of the template and ejection mechanism;
Hydraulic drive gear adjusting mechanism, quick and reliable adjustment;
Rear type mechanical safety protection device.
Ejection part advantage:
The new design of high performance separation screw and sealing components, suitable for a variety of conventional polymer material plasticizing requirements, uniform, fast and stable plastic;
The design of high rigidity ejector seat support structure ensures the long-term stability of the injection mechanism;
The magnetic protection device of the blanking port prevents the external damage of the screw assembly;
High sensitivity co rotating screw head assembly ensures injection stability;
Centralized lubrication device, convenient for daily maintenance of machines;
A variety of dedicated plasticizing systems are available.
Control system advantage:
MH9118 computer control system, clock frequency 140MHZ, fast running speed;
8, TFT 256 color LCD display, man-machine interface is simple and friendly, easy to operate, display part of independent CPU control;
More powerful process parameter control function, more flexible parameter adjustment;
240 sets of mold parameters of storage space, USB interface;
Quality monitoring management, main functions, process parameters, curve display and list statistics;
Cylinder temperature control, PID parameter automatic adjustment function.

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1. Project management flow chart

First, we received your request for quotation and design files and give you a detailed quotation. Usually, we will give you a quotation within 24 hours.

Once you approve the order, we will start the mold design, it needs about 3 days because, at the beginning of each project, our engineers need to sit together and have a meeting to find the best solution for the mold design.

After finishing the mold design, we will send you a 3D mold assembly drawing for you to check and confirm.

As soon as you confirmed the mold assembly drawing, we will purchase steel material and give you a schedule for your project. After that, we will start mold making. When the mold is finished, we will have the first mold trial and send you some free samples to check and test.

If you think the sample is good, then we will do the mass production as required. And if the samples are rejected, we will modify our molds.

When the production is finished, we will pack the goods and deliver them according to your requirement. Meanwhile, we will send you the packing pictures.

2. Quotation sheet

After receiving your RFQ, we will quote the price and send you a detailed quotation sheet. As you can see from this sheet, we will mention the mold cavities, steel material, injection system, mold size, mold weight, mold life, lead time as well as the price.

And about the price, what is important is that this price is valid within a week. Because you know, the material price and the exchange rate change day by day.

3. Weekly report

During the mold making, we will send you the weekly report each week to keep you noted about the mold progress.

4. Sample inspection report

Usually, when sending you the first trial samples, we will also send you an inspection report together for you to check the part size.

5. Note for mold changes or modifying

If there is something about the sample which are not ok, we will make a note for mold changes or modifications. In this note, we will point out the problem, the relative solution, and the time as well as the time needed.

6. The final one is a sheet about all the details for mold deign

When we do the mold design, we need to take all this information into our consideration to guarantee the best solution for the mold design.

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