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Blow molding, also known as hollow blow molding, is a rapidly developing plastic processing method. It is the main method of making hollow products and the most commonly used method in plastic products processing besides extrusion, injection molding and molding.

·High end extrusion blow molding machine     ·Economical blow molding machine             ·Pesticide bottle blow molding machine
·Semi-pet blow molding machine                         ·Automatic pet blow molding machine       ·Injection stretch blow molding machine
·Injection blow molding machine                           ·TPEE injection blow molding machine       ·PETG blow molding machine

Aman Blow Molding Machine

Aman blow molding machines meet the requirements of the food, medical and sanitary industries for machine and product cleanliness.

Our blow molding machine can save about 30% energy, no oil leakage pollution, low noise, and can keep the workshop clean and tidy for a long time. The machine operates stably, with high precision, accurate positioning, fast running speed and high efficiency.

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Product Feature

Heating evenly
Heating evenly
Complete product
Complete product

Design and Development

1. We have 8 professional designers
2. We have people who specialize in researching and studying the best-selling products in the Chinese market, keeping an eye on the market trends, and can recommend you the best-selling products, and take you to grow and make big money together.
3. We have successfully led more than 30 client companies to build from zero to make more than one million dollars.

1.Design and Development 670380
2.After Sales Service 670380

After Sales Service

There are after-sales service points in many countries, please contact us to communicate details. If your country does not have our after-sales team yet, please don’t worry, we will be expanding soon and are currently available online.

New supplier selection trustworthiness

1. established in 2007, has been committed to the production of injection blowing machine.
2. the first equipment sold to Bangladesh in 2007 is still in normal operation and production (Unilever tooth powder bottles).
3. The first machine we sold has been in service for more than 15 years now.
4. we arrange factory inspection for you to see our production plant.
5. can third party guarantee payment such as Alibaba platform guarantee payment to ensure the quality of our machines.

3.trustworthiness 670380
4.Installation and testing of goods670380

Installation and testing of goods

First of all, we try to find local service locally, which is the direction we want to do in the future. At the same time, during the inspection, we give you online video T1 online mold test, your operator needs to have experience in operating injection molding machine, after two days and 8 hours online training will master the logical relationship between temperature and wall thickness.

Oil leakage or not

1. our closing structure is below and not above.
2. we have an overflow tank to guide the oil out.
3. Our hydraulic pressure and mold closing can be controlled by servo motor, and servo motor can be used in the injection molding area.

5.Oil leakage or not 670380
6.Wearable parts 670380

Wearable parts

We will always prepare some perishable parts of the machine for you as inventory, expensive PLC needs to be ordered by customers and sent by courier.

Professional maintenance training

During the epidemic we provide online training; after the epidemic we invite them to our factory to learn in the field.

7.Professional maintenance training 670380

Production and processing equipment

Production and processing equipment1 570360
Production and processing equipment2 570360

Production and processing equipment

Warehousing and workshop

Warehousing and workshop1 570360


Warehousing and workshop3 570360


The production process of blow molding machine

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About Aman

Data Sheet

Aman Industry Co., Ltd. was established in 2007. Till now, we have already had good export and import relationships with customers in Russia, India, Singapore, Brazil, Mexico, Spain, Ukraine, South Korea, South Africa, and other countries and regions, with great honor. Aman Industry takes “faithful and honest” as our root, persisting in strict management and technology innovation, with careful manufacture and continuous improvement. We make sure to produce products welcomed by the market and provide wholehearted and confident service for all the customers.

  • Aman has excellent lead times and quick communication from the team. They are very interested to work with us to get our design improved.

  • Our company is working with Aman for 5 years. Our relationship with Aman is excellent. They not only supply excellent product but also provides professional service without hesitation.

  • Aman really has a great attribute in our company by supplying us with the products with very short lead times.

Q1: How can we get a sample?

A1: We can send it immediately if the sample is in stock. If you need any customized decoration or printing on a sample bottle, it will take about 7days to prepare and it will charge a reasonable sample cost.

Q2: What is your shipping terms?

A2: For samples or trial small orders, EMS, DHL, and FEDEX can be provided. For mass orders, we can arrange shipment by sea or by air as required.

Q3:What’s the delivery of your machine?

The standard machine takes 15-35 days, but if the machine structure or mold platen or any structure is not standard, it means we need to make it special. We do not have it ready in stock for 60 days around.

Q4: How do you control the products quality?

A4: We will make a pre-production sample before mass production; then we begin mass production after the sample approved. Doing 100% inspection during production; then do random inspection before packing; taking pictures after packing.

Q5: Does your product have warranty service?

A5: Yes, we have professional and responsible after-sales team.

Q6: Do you do after-sales service?

A6: Yes, we do. Free after-sales service, our company established in 2007, till now we still service the first clients. Nowadays, due to covid issue. We can only do an online after-salves service. Online video meeting.

Q7: Do you arrange training?

A7: Yes, we do. Online and offline training. We welcome you to inspect our machine and molds in our factory.

Q8: If we decide to buy your machine, what’s the progress?

A8: A. First pls confirm the contract.

B. Then pls arrange machine advance payment.

C. After we get the payment, we start manufacturing.

D. After you confirm the machine trial at our factory site. You make the balance payment.

E. Then we arrange shipment.

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