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Aman Machinery has the best PET plastic injection molding process which is the advanced technology and key point for plastic processing. This blog systematically introduces PET processing by plastic injection molding machines. The content includes PET property, new features, injection molding process, molding machines, process methods, conditions and processing ways, etc. It will be useful for PET making factories to get successful knowledge in a few minutes.





Aman PET Injection Molding Machines

The PET plastic injection molding process is one of the very important technologies for processing plastic, PET plastic bottles. Most of the plastic packaging plants will adopt blow molding production process, but the injection molding process has especially unique processing advantages. For PET for injection molding, technical personnel need to consider many factors.

Aman PET Injection Molding Machine Feature

1.Injection molding machine plc 500500

Aman’s Machinery series uses the latest control technology. This high-performance control system provides the perfect communication between the injection molding machine and the operator. The fast and easy to operating concept and logical, clear structure of the functions make machine operation easy and user-oriented.

2.PET Injection molding machine2 500500

Optimized special L/D 25:1 screw, requiring a longer machine base, is driven by a high output motor to dramatically improve the plasticizing of the PET material to make sure the quality of the PET pre-form. expanded ejector force frequently ensures the finished parts are automatically ejected.

Clamping System 500500

The advanced kinematics of the proved 5-point toggle represent economical speed and power processes. This allows high sensitivity in the opening and closing processes and protects injection molds from extreme wear and tear. The fast mold closing device is developed to shorten the cycle time.

3.PET Injection molding machine3 500500

The Automatic Mould-height adjustment by hydraulic motor through the gears system ensures fast and constant settings to diverse mold heights, achieving platen parallelism and consistent tonnage. The photocell detects function to ensure high precision.

4.PET Injection molding machine4 500500

The energy-saving hydraulics are equipped with sound reduced and are made of high-quality components. They grant the best forces to be transferred and enable constant and clear movements of the machine.

Features Of Different PET Injection Molding Machines (5)

Product Advantage

easy to clean 100100
Easy to clean
Easy to maintain 100100
Easy to maintain
long lasting 100100
Long lasting
Reasonable layout 100100
Reasonable layout

PET plastics introduction

PET chemical name is called Polyterephthalate alcohol ester, also known as polyester. As we know, most customers prefer the GF-PET, it mainly focuses on the bottles preform.
The rheological property of PET is better in the melting state, and the consequence of pressure on the viscosity is larger than that of the temperature. Therefore, the flow of the melted material property is changed mainly by the pressure.

introduction 670380
PET features & properties 670380

PET features & properties

The glass conversion temperature of PET is about 165℃, and the temperature range of the material is 120~220℃. PET has strong horoscopes at high temperatures. For glass fiber-reinforced PET materials, bending deformation is very easy to materialize at high temperatures.
The crystallization of the material can be improved by adding a crystalline reinforcing representative. Crystal-clear products made with PET have glossiness and heat distortion temperature. Special additives such as mica can be added to PET to minimize the bending deformation. If lower mold temperature is used, crystal-clear products can be obtained by using non-filled PET materials.

Injection molding process

The injection molding method is used to enhance the molding of PET. A screw-type injection machine is usually used. The screw usually needs to be hardened to avoid rasp after long-term use. The length of the nozzle hole of the injection machine should be as short as possible, and the diameter of the injection machine should be controlled at around 3mm.
The melting point of the enhanced PET is up to 260 ℃. To avoid the nozzle clogging, a higher power heater should be installed. In addition, the tip of the nozzle hole is best processed as a reverse cone as shown in figure -1, so that the molten material in the flow channel and the nozzle can be cut off comfortably.

Injection molding process 670380

Aman Plastic PET Injection Molding Machine

Injection molding is used to enhance the molding of PE.  PET can only be molded by a screw-type injection molding machine in general. It is the best option to choose a mutant screw with a reverse ring at the top, which has a large surface hardness and scratch resistance, and the ratio of the length to diameter ratio not L/D = (15~20):1 compression is about 3:1.

About PET Injection Molding Machine

PET Injection Molding Machine3 570360

L/D too large materials stay in the barrel for too lengthy, extreme heat can cause degradation and affect the performance of products. The compression ratio is too small to produce less heat, easy to plasticize, and has poor performance. If we see on, on the other hand, the fracture of glass fibber will be more, and the mechanical properties of the fibber will be reduced. When the glass fiber-reinforced PET is reinforced, the inner wall of the barrel is badly worn out, and the barrel is made of wear-resistant material or lined with wear-resistant material.

PET Injection Molding Machine4 570360

As the nozzle is short, the inner wall requires polishing and the cleft is as large as possible. The hydraulic brake valve-type nozzle is suitable. The nozzle should have heat maintenance and temperature control analysis to ensure that the nozzle will not be frozen and blocked. But the nozzle temperature is not too high, otherwise, causes salivation. The low-pressure PP material must be used before starting the molding, and the barrel is cleaned.

How to learn the processing method of PET plastic?

1.The treatment of plastic 500500

The PET macromolecule consists of a lipid base and has unreliable hydrophilicity, the pellets are sensitive to water at high temperatures. When the moisture content beat the limit, the molecular weight of PET decreases and the products are colored and crisp. At this moment, the material must be dried before processing. The drying temperature is 150, 4 hours, which is usually 170, 3-4 hours. The air–ejection method is used to test whether the material is completely dry.

2. Selection of injection molding machine 500500

Due to the short time of PET, after melting point and high melting point, it is fundamental to choose an injection system with more temperature control section and less self-heating when plasticizing, and the actual weight of the product cannot be less than 2/3 of the machine injection volume. According to these requirements, in previous years, Ramada has developed a small and medium-sized series of PET special plasticizing systems. The clamping force is selected by more than 6300t/m2.

3.Design of mold and gate 500500

PET bottle embryo is molded by hot runner mold. The insulation board between the mold and injection molding machine is best insulated with a 12mm thickness, and the heat insulation plate will withstand high pressure. The exhaust must be abundant to avoid partial overheating or fragmentation, but the depth of the exhaust port is generally not more than 0.03mm, otherwise, it is easy to produce the fly edge.

4. Melting temperature 500500

The melting temperature can be calculated by the air ejection method. At 270-295 ℃, the improvement level GF-PET can be set to 290-315℃.

5. Injection speed 500500

The main injection speed is faster, which counters the early solidification of the injection. But too fast, the high shear rate makes the material weak. The ejection usually takes 4 seconds to complete.

6.Back pressure 500500

The lower the better, so as not to wear. Generally, not more than 100bar. It is usually not used.

7.Detained time 500500

Do not use too long detention time to prevent the decline of molecular weight. Try to escape the temperature above 300 ℃. If the shutdown is less than 15 minutes. It is only required to do air – fire treatment; if it is more than 15 minutes, the viscosity PE should be purified and the barrel temperature is decreased to PE temperature until the machine is reopened.

8. Precautions 500500

If the mold temperature control is not good enough or the material temperature control is extreme, it is easy to produce “white and opaque”. The mold temperature is low and constant, the cooling speed is fast, the crystallization is less, and the product is transparent.

Aman PET Injection Molding Machine down banner 1920500

About Aman

  • 1, the temperature of the barrel.

The forming temperature range of PET is narrow, and the temperature will directly affect the performance of the product. If the temperature is too low, it is not good to make plastic parts, depression, and lack of material defects; on the contrary, if the temperature is too high, it will cause a spill, nozzle salivation, deep color change, the decline in mechanical courage, even cause mortification. Generally, the barrel temperature is controlled at 240~280℃, and the barrel temperature of glass fiber reinforced PET is 250~290℃. The temperature of nozzles should not exceed 300 ℃, and the temperature of nozzles is generally lower than that of barrel temperature.

  • 2, Mold temperature

The mold temperature has a direct consequence on the cooling rate and crystallinity of the melt, the crystal is disparate and the properties of the plastic parts are different. Generally, the mold temperature is controlled at 100~140℃. When the thin-walled plastic parts are formed, it is desirable for a small value; when the thick-wall plastic parts are formed, it is desirable to have a large value.

  • Injection pressure

The adaptability of PET melts is good and accessible to be formed. Medium pressure is normally used, pressure is 80~140MPa, and the injection pressure of glass fiber reinforced PET is 90~150MPa. The assurance of injection pressure should acknowledge the viscosity of PET, the type and amount of filler, the location and size of the gate, the shape and size of the plastic part, the mold temperature, the type of injection molding machine, and so on.

AMAN’S MACHINERY has a wide range of PET injection molding machines and offers the best solutions for every signal machine. We have the PET injection special screw and specially designed barrel. This series fulfills the needs of high-quality plasticizing through a special PET Injection Molding machine plasticizing components L/D ratio of 24 proves high-quality plasticizing. Special designed PET screw lowers the shearing of the preform and provides better translucence. Our Special PET Injection Molding Machine is manufactured by using advanced European technology having Italian components and high-speed servo motors. The servo motor control system can save energy 40% – 60% as compared with traditional Pet injection Molding machines.

Furthermore, augment the motor and pump, greatly enhancing machine operations, and speed by 25%. Better performance and lightweight improves by up to 65% as compared to traditional PET injection molding machines. Speedy and accurate push out of PET preforms is achieved with the help of increased ejector force.

PET Injection Molding machine is designed uniquely to gain more light weight in less cycle time through synchronous plasticizing and injection. The strong and heavy weight Hydraulics unit leads this design to attain maximum output. Platter of these machines are well overlay and are of well-designed thick side-walls helps the machine in balance during the manufacturing process.

AMAN MACHINERY CO., Ltd is a well-known company to contribute various auxiliary equipment including Robot with IML Solution (in-mold labeling), Molds range, Mold Temperature Controller, Chillers, Hopper dryers, Auto Loader and Crushers of world-known brands.

  • Nice machine and supplier, price is cheap.

  • Very thoughtful about packing, they removed the wheels so the machine wouldn’t move inside the box.

  • Good machines, nice performance, I haven’t been complained to by my clients.

Q1: Can your factory provide the complete plant set-up from A to Z?

A1: Yes, we can provide the complete plant set-up, from bottling making plant, water purification plant, to filling packing plant, and give complete training from our special team.

Q2: How can I know the machinery quality before I order? 

A2: First of all, we will invite you to visit our factory to check the machines quality, and show the machines running for you in our factory.

Q3: What certificates you can provide?

A3: Our factory provides the CE, SGS, ISO, and according to some countries, we also can provide the Pvoc, Coc, Soncap…ect.

Q4: Can your factory make the bottle drawing, workshop layout, and labels for us? 

A4: We can help customers design their own bottle shape, workshop layout and label drawings. These jobs are free of charge.

(Workshop need customers to provide the size of factory)

Q5: Installation and Training Time

A5: We have professional engineers for overseas installation and training. They can speak English, and have great experience of overseas work.

The customer needs to provide the engineer visa, air tickets, sleep room, and meals. Each day’s salary is 80usd, around 20-40days.

Q6: Warranty time

A6:  We provide our customers with the 18th month of warranty, but as our machinery parts warranty time is 12 months, we give more time to our clients and electric parts warranty time is 12 months.

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