35.How to buy an injection molding machine? Do these five steps!

Injection stretch blowing process technology is widely used. I hope this article can give some inspiration to friends who want to understand this knowledge.——-Vito.

How to buy an injection molding machine? Do these five steps!

injection blowing machinery

Injection blowing machines are rarely seen in life, but everywhere you can see their production from the product, these products are generally injection blowing machine production from the injection blowing bottles, that is, common bottles, lampshades and so on. For example, mineral water bottles and one-step lampshades. If there was no injection blow moulding machine, there would be no such bottles and lampshades, etc. Industrialisation has made it possible for production to develop, so labour is not as fast as mechanisation. The injection moulding machine has also made life easier. So, this article comes to the point, how to buy an injection moulding machine? Follow these five steps.

1. Choose the right mould
Choose the most suitable production mould according to your requirements and the manufacturer’s parameters.

2. Manage special requirements
For example, the production of bottles for filling hot drinks requires a heat-resistant blow-moulding machine and the bottle is specially treated to prevent accidents such as filling distortion.

3. Cost-effectiveness
The model that is most beneficial to the company’s production is chosen.

4. Attentive after-sales service
The machine manufacturer should have a good after-sales service and a strong ability to follow up and maintain the product and replace parts. Choosing this type of manufacturer will result in a safer product.

5. Quality certification
Have some understanding of the machine manufacturer you are buying, such as the level of production quality management, whether it has passed the quality management system certification, the company’s scientific research strength and the technical content of the equipment.


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