32.Small factories love to buy injection stretch blow molding machines! The reason is that!

Injection stretch blowing process technology is widely used. I hope this article can give some inspiration to friends who want to understand this knowledge.——-Vito.

Small factories love to buy injection stretch blow molding machines! The reason is that!

Injection stretch blow molding machine

In the factory processing, in order to save money, they will buy an injection stretch blow molding machines. Using the machine can achieve three processes in one machine. Although such a machine can save money but will be more time-consuming, this machine is suitable for use in small factories. Their orders are not large enough to use a collection of injection stretch blow molding machines can be completed.

What are the benefits of choosing an all-in-one machine for a small factory?
Small factories have a small order volume compared to large factories, and they will choose an all-in-one machine according to their situation.
Most factories will use one machine to spend the production and processing period, and so on after a certain scale in the classification, so small factories use one machine mainly to save money.

How to choose the injection stretch blow molding machines?
In the choice of this type of machine, one should pay attention to three points. The first is whether the injection part can withstand different materials. Some materials in the injection process will condense, so when buying to pay attention to see if the injection part can be a variety of materials. The second is to see how the machine’s pulling force is, and the third is to see how evenly the blow moulding effect is.
Choose one machine to see its processing time, because it needs to go through three processes. If its time is fast, then the efficiency will increase. The opposite will affect the processing efficiency, so small factories in the choice of one machine must pay attention to these two aspects of the content.
In general, the choice of injection stretch blow molding machines should not only depend on the type of processing but also on the efficiency of processing, both of which will affect the business development of small factories and the volume of orders.

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