91. The third part introducing you to the detailed injection molding process

Introduce you to the detailed injection molding process

The previous article introduced the preparation work before design, followed by making the molding process card.

Now comes the third part of the injection mold structure design step.

3. Injection mold structure design steps
(1) Determine the number of cavities.​​
Conditions: maximum injection volume, clamping force, product accuracy requirements, economy
(2) Select the parting surface.​​
It should be based on the principle of simple mold structure, easy parting and not affecting the appearance and use of plastic parts
(3) Determine the layout of the cavity.​​
Balanced arrangement as much as possible
(4) Determine the gating system.​​
Including main runner, branch runner, gate, cold material hole, etc.
(5) Determine the molding method.
Different molding methods are designed according to different parts of the mold where the plastic parts are left.
(6) Determine the structure of the temperature regulation system.​​
The temperature control system is mainly determined by the type of plastic.
(7) When it is determined that the die or core adopts the insert structure, the inserts are divided propositionally and the inserts are inserted at the same time, the machinability and the installation and fixing method.
(8) Determine the exhaust form.​​
General exhaust can use the mold parting surface and the gap between the ejection mechanism and the mold, and for large and high-speed molding injection molds, the corresponding exhaust form must be designed.
(9) Determine the main dimensions of the injection mold.​​
Calculate the working size of the molded part according to the corresponding formula and determine the thickness of the side wall of the mold cavity, the cavity bottom plate, the core backing plate, the thickness of the movable platen, the thickness of the cavity plate of the block type cavity and the closed height of the injection mold.
(10) Use a standard mold base.​​
According to the main dimensions of the injection mold designed and calculated, the standard mold base of the injection mold is selected, and the standard mold parts are selected as far as possible.
(11) Draw the structural sketch of the mold.​​
Drawing the complete structural sketch of the injection mold and drawing the mold structure diagram are very important tasks in the mold design.
(12) Check the relevant dimensions of the mold and the injection machine.​​
Check the parameters of the injection machine used: including the maximum injection volume, injection pressure, clamping force, and the size of the installation part of the mold, the mold opening stroke, and the check of the ejector mechanism.
(13) Review of injection mold structure design.​​
A preliminary review and consent of the user are obtained, and it is necessary to confirm and revise the user’s request.
(14) Draw the assembly drawing of the mold.​​
Clearly indicate the assembly relationship, necessary size, serial number, detailed list, title block, and technical requirements of each part of the injection mold.
(15) Draw the mold parts diagram.​​
The order of dismantling and drawing the part drawing from the mold assembly drawing or the component drawing is first inside and then outside, first complex and then simple, first forming parts and then structural parts.
(16) Review the design drawings.
The final review of the injection mold design is the final check of the injection mold design, and more attention should be paid to the processing performance of the parts.
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