90. Introduce you to the detailed injection molding process

Introduce you to the detailed injection molding process

The first is the preparation work before our design, and the second is making the molding process card.

1. Preparation before design
(1) Design task book
(2) Familiar with plastic parts, including their geometric shape, the use requirements of plastic parts, and the raw materials of plastic parts
(3) Check the molding process of plastic parts
(4) Specify the model and specification of the injection machine

2. Make a molding process card
(1) Overview of the product, such as schematic diagram, weight, wall thickness, projected area, and external dimensions, with or without undercuts and inserts
(2) Overview of the plastics used in the product, such as product name, model, manufacturer, color, and drying conditions
(3) The main technical parameters of the selected injection machine, such as the relative size between the injection machine and the installed mold, screw type, power
(4) Injection machine pressure and stroke
(5) Injection molding conditions such as temperature, pressure, speed, clamping force, etc.

The third part of the injection mold structure design steps will be introduced to you in the next article.

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