88. An introductory article on Plastic blowing molds from AMAN

An introductory article on Plastic blowing molds from AMAN

When talking about the innovation and professional production of plastic processing molds, Aman Industry is a partner you must not miss. We are proud to work in the field of mold production for many years, and provide customers with customized mold solutions with excellent craftsmanship and superb technology.

Plastic products are everywhere in modern society, while plastic processing molds are the key links of plastic products. According to different forming methods, we carefully designed and manufactured various types of molds such as injection molding molds, extruded molding molds, plastic mold molds, and molding molds to meet the needs of all walks of life.

Here are all kinds of molds for you:

  1. Plastic blowing molds

It is a mold used to form plastic container (such as various packaging containers such as beverage bottles, daily necessities, etc.). The form of blowing molding is mainly squeezed out of the vacuum molding, injection and blowstab. , Injecting extended blow molding medium empty forming (commonly known as “injection and blowing”), multi -layer blowstorm medium vacancy, sheet blow molding medium vacancy, etc.

The device corresponding to hollow products blowing molding is usually called plastic blowing molding machine. The blow molding  is only suitable for the production of thermoplastic varieties. The structure of blowing molds is relatively simple, and the materials used are mostly made of carbon.

  1. Plastic mold

It is a mold with plastic plates and sheets as raw materials. Some of the simplest plastic products. The principle is to use the vacuum -free blooming method or compressing air molding method When heating and softening, deformation is deformation and pasted on the mold cavity to obtain the need for molding products, mainly used in the production of some daily necessities, food, toy packaging products.

The pressure of suction molds is low in pressure, so the mold materials are mostly made of cast aluminum or non -metallic material, and the structure is relatively simple.

In Aman Industry, we will continue to innovate and pursue excellence. We know the importance of molds in the production of plastic products, so we promise to provide customers with the best quality products and services to create a better future.

Choose Aman Industry and choose the key to success! Let us work together to create glory together!

If you have any specific questions about the process outlined or would like to discuss your needs in more detail,

Please feel free to contact us directly via the website: https://www.amanmachine.com/ or email : sales4@amanmachinery.com

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