87. High-quality Plastic Extrusion Mold from AMAN Introduce

High-quality Plastic Extrusion Mold from AMAN Introduce

When talking about the innovation and professional production of plastic processing molds, Aman Industry is a partner you must not miss. We are proud to work in the field of mold production for many years, and provide customers with customized mold solutions with excellent craftsmanship and superb technology.

Plastic products are everywhere in modern society, while plastic processing molds are the key links of plastic products. According to different forming methods, we carefully designed and manufactured various types of molds such as injection molding molds, extruded molding molds, plastic mold molds, and molding molds to meet the needs of all walks of life.

Here are all kinds of molds for you:

  1. Plastic extrusion mold

A type of molded molds used to form continuous shapes of production, also known as extruded molding machines, is widely used in pipes, rods, single wires, plate materials, film, wire -cable cover layers, and alien profiles.

Rather than the corresponding production equipment is a plastic extruder, the principle is that solid plastic melted, plasticized under the condition of the screw rotation and pressure of the heating and extruder, and the cross -section is the same as the portal shape of the mouth mold through the specific shape of the mouth mold. Continuous plastic products. Its manufacturing materials mainly include carbon structure steel, alloy tools, etc. Some squeezed molds are inlaid with wear -resistant materials such as diamonds on components that need wear resistance. Squeezing the production process is usually only suitable for the production of thermoplastic plastic products, which is significantly different from the structure of injection molding mold and compression molding mold.

Choose Aman Industry, you will get not only mold production, but also first -class services and excellent quality.

We have experienced designers and engineers, and we can personalized customization according to the needs of customers.

Whether you need small batch production or large -scale production, we can provide you with perfect mold solutions.

If you have any specific questions about the process outlined or would like to discuss your needs in more detail,

Please feel free to contact us directly via the website: https://www.amanmachine.com/ or email : sales4@amanmachinery.com

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