86. Introduce You the Plastic Pressing Mold Article from AMAN

Introduce You the Plastic Pressing Mold Article from AMAN

When talking about the innovation and professional production of plastic processing molds, Aman Industry is a partner you must not miss. We are proud to work in the field of mold production for many years, and provide customers with customized mold solutions with excellent craftsmanship and superb technology.

Plastic products are everywhere in modern society, while plastic processing molds are the key links of plastic products. According to different forming methods, we carefully designed and manufactured various types of molds such as injection molding molds, extruded molding molds, plastic mold molds, and molding molds to meet the needs of all walks of life.

Here are all kinds of molds for you:

  1. Plastic pressing mold

Including two structural mold types, compression molding and pressure injection molding. They are a type of mold mainly used to form thermosetry plastic, and the corresponding equipment is the pressure molding machine.

The compressed molding method is heated to the molding temperature according to the plastic characteristics (generally at 103 ° -108 °),

Then put the measured plastic powder in the mold cavity and feed chamber. Close the mold. The plastic is softened and sticky under high -pressure.

There is a separate feeding room that is different from the compressed molding. The mold is closed first before the molding. The plastic is preheated in the feed room. The preheating is adhesive. Under the pressure, adjust the squeeze into the mold cavity and hardening.

Compressed molds are also used to form some special thermoplastic plastic such as hot plastic plastic plastic (such as polyfluorhylene) rough (cold pressure molding), high optical resin lenses, slightly foam nitrate cellulose Vehicle steering wheel, etc. Essence

Plastic molding molds are mainly composed of cavity, feeding cavity, guide agency, launching components, heating systems, etc. Pressure molds are widely used in packaging electrical components. The materials used for compressing mold manufacturing are basically the same as the injection mold.

If you have any specific questions about the process outlined or would like to discuss your needs in more detail,

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