85. A Detailed Article To Introduce AMAN’s Plastic Injection Mold For You

A Detailed Article To Introduce AMAN’s Plastic Injection Mold For You

When talking about the innovation and professional production of plastic processing molds, Aman Industry is a partner you must not miss. We are proud to work in the field of mold production for many years, and provide customers with customized mold solutions with excellent craftsmanship and superb technology.

Plastic products are everywhere in modern society, while plastic processing molds are the key links of plastic products. According to different forming methods, we carefully designed and manufactured various types of molds such as injection molding molds, extruded molding molds, plastic mold molds, and molding molds to meet the needs of all walks of life.

Here are all kinds of molds for you:
1. Plastic injection mold

It is mainly the most commonly used molding mold in the production of thermoplastic plastic parts. The processing equipment corresponding to the plastic injection mold is a plastic injection molding machine. Or under the plunger, the watering system of the injection machine and mold enters the mold cavity, plastic cooling and hardening, and the mold is obtained.

Its structure is usually composed of forming components, pouring systems, guide components, launching mechanisms, temperature regulation systems, exhaust systems, and support components. Manufacturing materials usually use plastic mold steel modules. The commonly used materials are carbon structure steel, carbon tool steel, alloy tool steel, high -speed steel, etc.

Injection molding processing method is usually only suitable for the production of thermoplastic materials. Plastic products produced by injection molding process are very extensive. From daily necessities to various complex machinery, electrical appliances, transportation and parts, etc. are formed by injection molds. It is the most widely used processing method in plastic products.

As one of the core technologies of plastic processing, the injection molding mold has been fully displayed in Aman Industry. We select high -quality plastic mold steel modules, and use carbon structure steel, carbon tool steel, alloy tool steel and high -speed steel to ensure the solidity and durability of the mold. Whether it is daily necessities or complex machinery, electrical appliances, and transportation parts, our injection molding molds can accurately shape your products.


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