78. Let U Fully Understand the Injection Molding Machine——Classification of Injection Machine 4

Injection molding process technology is widely used. I hope this article can give some inspiration to friends who want to understand this knowledge.——-Chloe.

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Injection is a very common method of plastic molding. In order to allow you to better understand the injection molding machine, we have compiled the content of the molding process of injection molding machines and general plastic.
This theme is classified according to the power source of the injection molding machine, which can be divided into four types, which are mechanical handmade injection molding machines, hydraulic injection molding machines, pneumatic injection molding machines, and electric injection molding machines. Today, the latter two are introduced.
C. Pneumatic injection molding machine
The pneumatic injection molding machine is a desktop injection molding machine with compressed air as the power and the hydraulic cylinder as the execution component. It has the characteristics of low energy consumption and light equipment of the pneumatic system, but also has high stability and controllable performance of hydraulic equipment.
The main features are as follows:
1. Due to compression of air as the power, there is no pollution to the environment and no noise at work. A air compressed pump station can drive multiple pneumatic injection molding machines at the same time. The maintenance and maintenance of the equipment is easier and the cost is lower.
2. The equipment adopts a special gas -liquid transmission system. The control pressure of the equipment is as high as 400kg/cm2. The special performance of its structure and power can make the equipment design lighter and miniaturized. It is particularly suitable for the production of high -precision products within 15 grams of radiation, such as audiovisual, DC power supply, charger, communication, network component connector and other hardware and plastic accessories. The work method of traditional hand -promoting activity molds does not change, and efficiency is increased by 20%.
3. The feeding shooting system adopts a built -in self -rotating screw melting glue and the plunger ejaculation structure. Make the rubber more sufficiently plasticized, the exhaust performance is better, which is simpler than the screw hydraulic injection molding machine, and has a better molding effect and accuracy. The unique cannon and screw design can perfectly solve the problem of thermal stability of environmental protection and low -toxic plastic; completely eliminate the destruction of the screw to the molecular structure during engineering plastic melting and the problem of plastic compression comparison equipment during feeding Essence
4. Due to the miniaturization of the equipment, energy saving and environmental protection, the production of production workshops can be arranged into a assembly line working method. This working method is doubled compared with traditional production layout methods, saving more than 1/5 of human resources.
D. Electric injection molding machine
Compared with the traditional all -oil pressure injection molding machine, the electric injection molding machine completely abandoned the oil pressure driving system generated by the full oil pump and oil pump Mada on the power -driven system, and used the Servo Motor. The roller screw and synchronization belt greatly improve the control accuracy of the injection molding machine power system, completely solve the problem of hydraulic oil to the environment, and the noise generated by mechanical decreases.
The full electric injection molding machine has the advantages of energy saving, environmental protection, low noise, and accurate measurement. The full electric injection molding machine control system is simpler than the oil compressor, and the response is also rapid. It has excellent control accuracy. Super -large, high -lock -locking force injection molding machines are limited by the transmission mechanism and cost control, which is not suitable for applying to large high -scale high -plastic machines.
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