77. Let U Fully Understand the Injection Molding Machine——Classification of Injection Machine 3

Injection molding process technology is widely used. I hope this article can give some inspiration to friends who want to understand this knowledge.——-Chloe.

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Injection is a very common method of plastic molding. In order to allow you to better understand the injection molding machine, we have compiled the content of the molding process of injection molding machines and general plastic.
The theme of this time is based on the power source of the injection molding machine, which can be divided into four types.
They are mechanical handmade injection molding machines, hydraulic injection molding machines, pneumatic injection molding machines, and electric injection molding machines. Today we will introduce the first two.
A. Mechanical handmade injection molding machine
The mechanical handmade injection molding machine’s injection molding machine first appeared in the form of all handmade mechanical operations, and in the initial stage of the injection molding machine just invented in the last century. The modeling mechanism and injection molding mechanism are all using the principle of leverage to generate mold lock power and injection pressure, and it is also the basis for modern elbow -type molding agencies.
B. Hydraulic injection molding machine
With the development of industrial technology, especially the development of hydraulic control and other technologies, hydraulic injection machines are mature. Mechanical injection molding through handmade operations cannot meet the requirements of production, and hydraulic injection molding machines are born.
Hydraulic injection molding machine movement speed and pressure control is convenient, and the mold locking pressure is high (currently the world’s maximum model lock -shaped force injection molding machine, the minimum consistent minimum lock mold injection molding machine), accurate control, can meet special uses of special purposes The need. This is also the main reason why hydraulic injection machine has a long history and endlessness. From the current development, in the future, hydraulic injection molding machines will still occupy the main setting.
Each movement of the injection molding machine is controlled by controlling the flow rate, pressure and direction of the hydraulic power source.
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