76. Let U Fully Understand the Injection Molding Machine——Classification of Injection Machine 2

Injection molding process technology is widely used. I hope this article can give some inspiration to friends who want to understand this knowledge.——-Chloe.

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Injection molding is a very common plastic molding method. In order to let you better understand the injection molding machine, we have sorted out the content of the injection molding machine and the molding process of general plastics for you.

According to the shape of the injection molding machine, according to the arrangement of the injection device and the clamping device, it can be divided into vertical type, horizontal type and vertical-horizontal composite type.

Yesterday we introduced the vertical injection molding machine, and today we introduce the other three types of injection molding machines.

b.Horizontal injection molding machine

1. Even if the mainframe is low, there is no height limit for the factory building.

2.Where the product can be dropped automatically, automatic forming can be realized without the use of manipulators.

3.Due to the low body, convenient material supply and easy maintenance.

4.The mold needs to be installed by a crane.

5.With multiple units arranged side by side, the molded products are easily collected and packaged by the conveyor belt.

c.Angle injection molding machine

The axis of the injection screw of the angle type injection molding machine and the movement axis of the mold clamping mechanism template are arranged perpendicular to each other, and its advantages and disadvantages are between the vertical type and the horizontal type. Because the injection direction and the parting surface of the mold are on the same plane, the angle injection molding machine is suitable for asymmetrical geometric molds with side gates or products that do not allow gate traces in the molding center.

d.Multi-station molding machine

The injection device and the clamping device have two or more working positions, and the injection device and the clamping device can be arranged in various ways.

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