Double Color Plastic Injection Machine

Clamping system
Theoretical clamping force KN1800
Drive travel mm370
Template size mmxmm950×675
Tie spacing mmxmm705×425
Maximum formwork distance mm800


Double Color Plastic Injection Machine

Leading – the national initiative, the industry leading

China’s first large two-plate three-color injection molding machine, China’s first domestic four-color injection molding machine, China’s first domestic five-color injection molding machine, China’s first set of “electronic control one-machine dual-mode” system, China’s first set of sandwich injection molding system, China’s first set of large diameter independent rotary table. Thirteen of China’s first multi-color injection molding related process, years of technology precipitation, the strength of the industry leader.

 Comprehensive – the most complete series, the best quality

BM multicolor series of MT, ML, MV, MP, MK, five series, more than double color to five colours can be the material of plastic, most domestic most complete structure, series, can satisfy the market all kinds of materials more injection molding production requirements

Leading, from the continuous self-transcendence

Aman Industry has strong professional strength, courage to innovate, with years of industry technical experience accumulation, independent research and development of new multi-material co-plastic technology, can provide customers with comprehensive multi-color injection molding production technology services. Aman multi-color machine system includes ML type (side injection mechanism),MV type (top injection mechanism),MK type (back cover type injection mechanism),(MP type oblique injection mechanism), MT type (parallel injection mechanism), clamping force cover 1200~22000KN, and each injection mechanism can be flexibly matched, as a three-color machine, four-color machine. In addition,RP plane turntable and TP core turntable are completely in accordance with the modular design, as an independent component installed on the machine, customers can be freely matched, suitable for various types of multi-component product molding process. Aman multicolor machine has been widely used in automobile, household appliances, bathroom, food packaging and other industries, and has won customer appreciation for its high production efficiency and cost performance.

MT series rotating disc type two-color injection molding machine series is a new wide plate two-color injection molding machine developed by Bochuang Company. The serial number is BMXXX-XXXMT. For BM260-MT, the screw diameter of the main injection mechanism is 30mm, and the screw diameter of the auxiliary injection mechanism is 30mm. It can also be matched with other MT injection tables.

1: Automation control system : Adopts KEBA2880 industrial automation computer

2: Mobile hopper: Medium and small models are standard equipped with mobile hopper (medium and large models over 800 tons are standard equipped with feeding rack) refueling is simple and convenient

3:Rotary Core: The plane turntable and the rotary core are shared, and the rotary core function can be realized by adding a few parts. The two sets of injection tables can be controlled independently, and the injection sequence can be combined freely

4: Rotary Plate

5: Liner Guide Rail: The injection and injection are all guided by rolling linear guide rails. The action is faster and smoother


1:Automatic control:Whole system adopts computer KEBA2880 industrial automation

2:Mobile hopper: Model of small and medium-sized standard mobile hopper (more than 800 tons of large aircraft standard feeding frame) refueling is simple and convenient

3:Plane rotary table

4: Joe core wheel

The three injection tables can be controlled independently, and the free combination injection sequence is equipped with a three-station plane turntable. The turntable is driven by servo motor and controlled by KEBA2885 controller, and is equipped with the three-color co-plastic program independently developed by Bochuang

1:Automatic control: The full series adopts Austrian KEBA2885 industrial automation control computer

2:Lateral injection mechanism

3:Three plane turntable

4:Back cover injection

1: The new center water shaft without load type design, main shaft seal with TRELLEBORG high-performance, he turns better sealing effect, longer life.2. The standard for the hydraulic motor, agent servo drive is optional.3. The rotary table using the special wear-resisting material, cooperate with patent design of ring bearings, to reduce the friction coefficient of the effect.4. Supporting institutions, special design for offset between the radial bearing is divided, prevent sagging phenomenon appears after the load on the wheel.5. Before rotating disk without using a mechanical device lifted off the base: to eliminate the so-called two surfaces of friction6. Rotary works have 0 ° ~ 180 ° ~ 0 °, 0 ° ~ 120 ° ~ 240 ° ~ 0 °, 0 ° ~ 240 ° ~ 120 ° ~ 0 °, with high pulse number of rotary encoder, ensure accuracy of wheel rotation, the final positioning adopts mechanical pin-type positioning, positioning accuracy within 0.02 mm, and the two worktables and sod can be arbitrary switching, simply by operation Plate can be set up.


1, the core of rotary axis connecting the mold core, mold core, can move forward and then do 180 ° rotation, then returned to the in situ;

2, axis built-in two water, cooling water for mold core. Axis can be made according to customer request size;

3, a total of three specifications, the adaptation between 120 and 320 tons of injection molding machine, can be designed according to customer requirements;

4, equipped with AC SERVO SERVO motor drive, can be 90 °, 120 ° and 180 ° angles.Advantages: the design of the optimization technology, easily solve the problem of power structure, less break da factory have manufacturing in the tradition of transfer mold.

1:Parts injection mould activity, through a three color machine and three color core mold, do not need manual assembly and a mould assembly, is moving parts cycle is complete, improve production efficiency and product yield.

2: The sandwich runner plate installed on the ‘L’ or ‘V’ on the fixed template two-color machine, to set up the standard mold, by controlling the bijection process, synchronous or injection intervals, can realize the sandwich injection molding process.Advantage: the core materials available recycled materials or foaming materials to reduce cost.


In-mold automation technology is to design some second processing process in the mold, plastic parts are the final product when leaving the mold cavity. This is not the traditional automatic part extraction operation, but the integration of modern injection molding machines, advanced molds, and peripheral equipment sublimation into intelligent technology.The demonstrated “multi-component creative Production assembly” consists of an “M260-4C four-color injection molding machine “assembled with” four-color in-die assembly mold “to produce a four-color RP100 turntable model whose discs and gears are able to turn freely. This is the first domestic “multi-color injection molding + in-mold automation” process, its technical core is a set of living like a micro-shaped machine four-color mold, it has moving parts, hydraulic core and sensors. Hydraulically powered by a four-color injection molding machine, controlled by sensor signals and motion editing.Four – color injection molding was carried out by injection molding machine, and seven parts were formed in the mold cavity. Its parts are defined as four stations, and then a series of mold opening and closing activities and core pulling activities are used to carry out four in-mold assembly actions, intelligently assembled into a four-in-one RP100 activity model.

Shoot glue systemTMT153
The screw diametermm262830
Theoretical injection volumecm372.784.496.8
Theoretical injection volume (PS) 66.276.888.1
Theoretical injection volume (PS) oz2.32.73.1
Theoretical injection pressure MPa28S246214
Ratio of screw length to diameterl/d2321.520
The injection strokemm137
Injection stroke theoretical maximum screw speedrpm165
Theoretical maximum nozzle contact forceKN30
Shoot the shift schedule mm340
Center distance of firing platformmm420
Clamping system
Theoretical clamping force KN1800
Drive travel mm370
Template size mmxmm950×675
Tie spacing mmxmm705×425
Maximum formwork distance mm800
Modulus (thinnest to thickest) mm160-460
Number of thimble Unit3+3
Theoretical roof force KN33×2
Plunger stroke mm185
The rotary table bears the weight T1
Effective diameter of turntablemm800
Electric/electric heating
Hydraulic system pressure MPa17.5
Motor power of oil pump KW11
The electric power KW4.8
Operating temperatureunit
Fuel tank capacity L450
Overall Dimensions (LxWxH) mxmxm5.8x2x2.1
Theory of heavy machineKG10000

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Since 2007, our company,  Aman Industry has had rich experience over the course of many years, making us the leading expert in the plastic packaging industry. Our seasoned, qualified experts have a diverse range of professional skills.


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1. Project management flow chart

First, we received your request for quotation and design files and give you a detailed quotation. Usually, we will give you a quotation within 24 hours.

Once you approve the order, we will start the mold design, it needs about 3 days because, at the beginning of each project, our engineers need to sit together and have a meeting to find the best solution for the mold design.

After finishing the mold design, we will send you a 3D mold assembly drawing for you to check and confirm.

As soon as you confirmed the mold assembly drawing, we will purchase steel material and give you a schedule for your project. After that, we will start mold making. When the mold is finished, we will have the first mold trial and send you some free samples to check and test.

If you think the sample is good, then we will do the mass production as required. And if the samples are rejected, we will modify our molds.

When the production is finished, we will pack the goods and deliver them according to your requirement. Meanwhile, we will send you the packing pictures.

2. Quotation sheet

After receiving your RFQ, we will quote the price and send you a detailed quotation sheet. As you can see from this sheet, we will mention the mold cavities, steel material, injection system, mold size, mold weight, mold life, lead time as well as the price.

And about the price, what is important is that this price is valid within a week. Because you know, the material price and the exchange rate change day by day.

3. Weekly report

During the mold making, we will send you the weekly report each week to keep you noted about the mold progress.

4. Sample inspection report

Usually, when sending you the first trial samples, we will also send you an inspection report together for you to check the part size.

5. Note for mold changes or modifying

If there is something about the sample which are not ok, we will make a note for mold changes or modifications. In this note, we will point out the problem, the relative solution, and the time as well as the time needed.

6. The final one is a sheet about all the details for mold deign

When we do the mold design, we need to take all this information into our consideration to guarantee the best solution for the mold design.

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