17.Cold runners or hot runners?

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Cold runners or hot runners?

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Cold runners still have a place in injection moulding as the traditional melt transport system, but when the demand for plastic parts and the required output rises, the changeover to hot runners can bring countless benefits to the injection moulder.🗯
Cold runners are molten plastic flow channels machined into the parting surface of the mould.
Cold runner systems usually have a low impact on initial mould costs or initial capital expenditure, i.e. the upfront investment cost of the project will be small. They are often used in moulds with short or infrequent production runs and low cavity counts.
Hot runners are used to ensure that the plastic in the runners and gates remains molten by means of heat.
There is no need for time, personnel or robots to remove cured runner scrap or handle recycled material during the injection moulding production process, all of which means reduced costs, less maintenance of equipment, better use of floor space and valuable time savings.

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