BM Series PET Perform Moulding Machine

Screw diameter83 mm
Screw UO Ratio20 L/D
Theoretical Shot volume2163 cm3
Injection Weight(PS)1968g / 69.4oz
Injection Rate611 cm3/s
Plasticizing Capacity118.46 g/s

BM Series PET Perform Moulding Machine

B5 Series: High-end model; It adheres to the traditional advantages of B3 series and integrate advanced practical design, to make the whole injection machine embody more superiority and humanization. The high efficiency and strong servo motor drive, rigid structure enhancement, the whole machine performance and its stability getting the maximum guarantee; At the same time, the optimization of the oil system, reducing the circulation pressure loss, and more than the traditional old type injection machine electric and water saving up to 80%; Controller has the maintenance of multi picture and fault prompt, Making the control system more humanized.

B3 Series: The classic type, gathering the mature experience of saving-energy injection machine made for many years, the efficient servo motor oil pump system is equipped with the high efficiency gear pump imported from the original. It has the characteristics of energy saving, environmental protection, high response speed, high repetition precision, reliability, durability and low noise that in exchange for the maximum profit of the customer.


Special-purpose Machine Series: This series mainly includes PET, PMMA, PC, PA, UPVC and etc. It can provide with the individual machines suitable for different production needs and product requirements for customers. PET, PMMA, PC Special -purpose Machine Series: This kind of plastic transparent, translucent, solid color product molding difficulty depends on plasticizing quality problem, and the products is easy to appear the problem of black spots, yellowing, bubble, garland and mixed color uneven, but we can put an end to these problems from the machine, so as to let our customers use the machine more ease and confidence

Screw diameter83 mm
Screw UO Ratio20 L/D
Theoretical Shot volume2163 cm3
Injection Weight(PS)1968g / 69.4oz
Injection Rate611 cm3/s
Plasticizing Capacity118.46 g/s
Injection Pressure178 Mpa
Screw stroke400 mm
Screw speed150 Rpm
Clamping Unit
Clamping force5000 KN
Tonnage stroke820 mm
Space Between Tie Bars840*800 mm
Max. mould Height820 mm
Min. mould Height320 mm
Ejector stroke250 mm
Ejector force166 KN
Ejector Number13 Piece
Power Unit
Max. Pump Pressure17.5 Mpa
Major motor39.4+35.9 KW{S)
Heater Power33.6 KW
NO. of heater zones5+1 unit
General Unit
Machine Dimensi:Xl(LxWxH)8.5*1.9*2.4 m
Maching weight20 Ton
Oil Tank capacity1000 L

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1. Project management flow chart

First, we received your request for quotation and design files and give you a detailed quotation. Usually, we will give you a quotation within 24 hours.

Once you approve the order, we will start the mold design, it needs about 3 days because, at the beginning of each project, our engineers need to sit together and have a meeting to find the best solution for the mold design.

After finishing the mold design, we will send you a 3D mold assembly drawing for you to check and confirm.

As soon as you confirmed the mold assembly drawing, we will purchase steel material and give you a schedule for your project. After that, we will start mold making. When the mold is finished, we will have the first mold trial and send you some free samples to check and test.

If you think the sample is good, then we will do the mass production as required. And if the samples are rejected, we will modify our molds.

When the production is finished, we will pack the goods and deliver them according to your requirement. Meanwhile, we will send you the packing pictures.

2. Quotation sheet

After receiving your RFQ, we will quote the price and send you a detailed quotation sheet. As you can see from this sheet, we will mention the mold cavities, steel material, injection system, mold size, mold weight, mold life, lead time as well as the price.

And about the price, what is important is that this price is valid within a week. Because you know, the material price and the exchange rate change day by day.

3. Weekly report

During the mold making, we will send you the weekly report each week to keep you noted about the mold progress.

4. Sample inspection report

Usually, when sending you the first trial samples, we will also send you an inspection report together for you to check the part size.

5. Note for mold changes or modifying

If there is something about the sample which are not ok, we will make a note for mold changes or modifications. In this note, we will point out the problem, the relative solution, and the time as well as the time needed.

6. The final one is a sheet about all the details for mold deign

When we do the mold design, we need to take all this information into our consideration to guarantee the best solution for the mold design.

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