10.Automatic bottle blowing machine blowing bottle common problems troubleshooting solutions

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1. The bottom is not full

Reasons: 1, blowing bottle pressure is not enough 2, blowing bottle preform temperature is slightly low

Solution: 1. Check whether the high pressure filter on the side of the mold is unobstructed, so as not to affect the high pressure gas supply

2. Check the working condition of the road valve to ensure accurate positioning of blow 1 and blow 2

3. Check the airflow control components of blow 1 and blow 2 to ensure the correct setting value and smooth internal flow

4. Ensure that all the ventilation holes on the mold are not blocked

2. Bend your neck

Reasons: 1. Due to mechanical operation, the neck accumulation is too thick, which causes the deformation after mold closing

Solution: 1. Optimize the mold closing structure

2. The convex ring is clamped too tightly in the concave part of the top plate of the mold, and the size of the bottle preform must be fixed when it is still hot.

3, bottle mouth expansion, blow bottle run gas

Reasons: 1. The surrounding temperature is too high. 2

Solution: 1. Adjust the position of the cooling shift so that it can protect the thread of the preform more strongly.

2. Optimize the design structure of the cooling plate

4, the bottom line blue

Reasons: 1, blowing too high 2, tensile rod pressure lack

Solution: 1, set the blowing time and speed 2, check whether the stretching rod is blocked

5. The bottom is damaged

Reasons: 1. The temperature at the bottom of the preform is biased to the bottom. 2

Solution: 1. Adjust the heating temperature at the bottom of the preform. 2

6. The thread part of the bottle mouth is damaged

Cause: The thread area suffers from undue stretching, and the surrounding high temperature makes the thread area of the bottle preform too hot

Solution: 1. Ensure that the conveyor arm adjustment is accurate and correct

2. Accurate positioning of the preform, while reducing the heating temperature of the thread area, optimize the structure design

7. The liquid level drops too much

Reason: After the PET container was filled, the solution dropped and the temperature of the blown bottle was too high, resulting in pearlescent phenomenon

Solution: Adjust the temperature of the heating furnace to avoid heating or cold boot.

8, burst

Reasons: 1. The bottom of the bottle is too thin due to the high temperature. 2

Solution: 1, adjust the temperature of the bottom of the bottle 2, lengthen the delay blowing time

9. The closing line is flat

Reason: In the process of blowing the bottle, the gas can not be discharged in time, and the thin layer of material forming the wall of the bottle blocks the vent

Solution: 1, correct adjustment of mold clearance 2, high pressure air valve control airflow 3, improve the design structure

10. Crease the bottom

Cause: external crease blowing bottle pressure 1 is not enough, stretching rod too much to push the material down;

Internal creases generally prevent overheating of the preform head or delay in initial tensile pressure

Solution: 1. Ensure that the blown bottle is consistently timed on the mold

2. Do not overheat the end of the preform

3. Make sure the delay is not too long from the beginning of stretching to the beginning of blowing 1.

11, thermal bottle

Cause: The bottle overheated, resulting in the bottle preform inside or outside recrystallization, resulting in the explosion of the bottle

Solution: 1, stretching time is too long 2, reduce the position of the cooling plate

12. Uneven weight of section (heavy neck)

Reasons: 1. The stretching rod gradually gets cold from the bottom to the top, the material is very thin, and the cooling is accelerated

Solution: 1. Adjust the hot spot position to solve the main body of the preform

2. Adjust the position of the cooling plate

14. The bottom is eccentric

Reasons: 1. Delivery and alignment problem 2. The back door part is different from the bottle

Solution: 1. Adjust the delivery and alignment of the preform mold. 2

3, blow bottle 1 pressure is too high too early 4, stretching rod cushion setting is not appropriate.

15, pearlescent – foot hair

Reason: The root is cold bottle. As a direct result of stretching beyond the natural stretching limit, the structure of the bottle is actually stretched

Tear, the formation of a tear point by reflection into visible pearlescent.

Solutions: 1, ensure that the bottom of the bottle is located in the center, 2, reduce the speed of the bottle blowing machine, 3, blowing 1 air intake is late, stretch rod and bottle preform

Too much exposure.

16. The bottom clearance is out of tolerance

Reason: Beyond the natural stretch limit

Solution: 1. Strengthen heat dissipation at the bottom of the bottle. 2. Heat and cool the whole preform, and put different temperatures up from the side

3. Ensure the normal circulation of mold cooling water


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