14.Blow molding mold structure and design points

Injection molding technology is widely used. I hope this article can give some inspiration to friends who want to understand this knowledge.——-Vito.

Fully Auto PET Blow Mould

1. Blow molding mold composition

Hollow products are injected into the high temperature bad compressed air, using the air pressure in the blank to press it on the surface of the mold cavity and forming, only the external structure size is limited by the mold, the internal structure size depends on the shape and wall thickness.

Blow molding die by two halves or more (side parting) buckle, only molding products external shape cavity (whether four convex), no core; An air inlet rod or an air inlet needle is arranged between the two halves. This is a common signature of blow molding..In addition, similar to injection mold, pressure mold, transfer mold and other two half type cavity mold, blow mold also has a clamping mold guide positioning mechanism, cooling system and exhaust system.The specific structure composition of blow molding die varies with the structure of plastic parts and the type of billet blowing method. Such as extrusion blow mold with blank mouth and residual groove; The intake rod of the stretch blow mold is controllable and telescopic, etc.

2.Blow molding mold designBlow molding mold types, structure composition and the design requirements.

We mainly speak crowded blowing mould, extrusion blow molding (mould)1) the blowing ratio and draw ratio2) the mold designMore than 3) clamp mouth and chute4) exhaust system


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