• AM80 Injection Blow Molding Machine
  • extrusion blow mould
  • injection blow mould
  • Auxiliary machinery
  • Aman customer case
  • Pesticide bottle application
  • Mascara bottle application
  • AM80 Injection Blow Molding Machine
  • extrusion blow mould
  • injection blow mould
  • Auxiliary machinery
  • Aman customer case
  • Pesticide bottle application
  • Mascara bottle application

Your AM80 Injection Blow Molding Machine


  • Applications with pp,hdpe, ldpe, ps.
  • Can blow bottles from 3ml to 1L.
  • Neck clean , no flash. tolerance 0.2mm.
  • Attach with leak test / weight test / ccd / label sticker.
  • Fast speed. cycle shot time from 9-12 s , with production.
  • Multi-cavity , from 1-10 , with different shape and size.

Video of AM80 injection blow molding machine

  • This equipment is suitable for manufacturing various pharmaceutical, food, and cosmetic bottles ranging from 3ML to 1L.
  • It adopts a fully automatic one-step method to complete raw material blanking and stretch forming on one piece of equipment.
  • It is suitable for producing PP, HDPE , LDPE , PS and other raw materials.
  • The bottles produced have the characteristics of high transparency and uniform wall thickness, and are especially suitable for manufacturing small-volume bottles such as high-end pharmaceutical and cosmetic bottles.
AM60 Injection Blow Molding Machine

Main Technical Parameter

Dia.of screwmm60
Screw L/D21
Max.injection volumeCm3730
Injection capacityg510
Max.injection pressureMpa158
Max. screw strokemm272
Screw speedrpm175
Barrel heating capacitykw19
Heating zoneqty5
Clamping orce of injectionKN800
Clamping force of blowingKN133
Opening stroke of mould plantenmm140
lifting height of rotary tablemm75
Max.planten sizemm850*390
Min.mould thicknessmm280
Heating capacity of moldKW4
Ejection device
Travel distance of ejectionmm240
Driving system
Servo motor capacityKW55
Hydraulic pressureMpa14
Product size range
Product volumeL0.015-1
Product diameter rangemm≤240
Product height rangemm≤120
Dry cycles4
Discharge rate of compressed airM*/min1.2
Min air pressureMpa>0.8
Cooling water flowageM3/h3.5
Machine dimensionm4.5*1.85*2.3
Machine net weightT12
Total rated powerKW53

*Actual output depends on bottle shape and performance qualification. The above technical parameters are subject to continual update, please rake the real product as the base.

**For further information pls leave me ur contact I will send you personally.

1. Are you a trading company or a manufacturer?

We are a manufacturer located in Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province, China.

2. How to get samples?

Customers can get samples by sending 2D/3D/PDF drawings.
UPS, OCS, EXPRESS, DHL, and FedEx can be shipped.

3. What is your delivery time?

Normally ready in stock. Mold takes 1-3days for drawing, and 30days for 1st trial.

4. What information should I provide to get a quote?
  1. What bottle material.
  2. Neck dia.
  3. Body dia.
  4. Bottle total height.
  5. Production per hour.
5. How about after-sales service?
  1. You can find us online 24 hrs.
  2. We give you 2years warrantee.
  3. Any of you un-deliberately broken parts on machine can be replaced by us.
  4. We can give you machine training in our factory.
  5. We also can send our engineer to do machine set up and maintaining training .
6. How many years your machine can run?

Our first machine sold to bangladesh, chitaggon,in 2007  still running now.

7. Do you make mold yourself?

Yes, we can develop mold as per your idea or 3D drawing.

We can firstly send you 3d concept sample. After you confirm the sample, then you make advance payment, then we design the mold , and then we start to manufacture the mold. It takes about 30days for the first trial.

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