4.Advantages of automatic blow molding machine

Blow molding machine molds and automatic blow molding machines are widely used. I hope this article can give some inspiration to friends who want to understand this knowledge.——-Vito.



The blow molding machine mold is important to process equipment for the production of various industrial products. With the rapid development of the plastic industry and the popularization and application of plastic products in aviation, aerospace, electronics, machinery, ships, automobiles, and other industrial sectors, the requirements of products for molds It is also getting higher and higher, and traditional mold design methods have been unable to meet today’s requirements. Compared with traditional mold design, computer-aided engineering (CAE) technology can improve productivity, ensure product quality, or reduce costs and ease. In terms of labor intensity, both have great advantages.

The fully automatic blow molding machine has the following advantages: extremely high productivity: the number of blowing bottles per hour is 1600-1800. High cleanliness without intermediate pollution. The fully enclosed production area avoids secondary pollution of products. Very low production cost; compact mechanical structure, stable heating system, adjustable process output, greatly reducing the consumption of water, electricity, and gas, various safety precautions, fully automatic machine production reduces labor costs, and management The cost will drop significantly. Visibility, maintainability, and security are good. The entire production process and machine movements can be observed through transparent windows. It is convenient for the operator to keep abreast of the production status and the operation of the machine at any time. The degree of mechatronics is high, and the mechanical and electrical actions are closely and accurately coordinated. The highly automated, intelligent, and friendly user interface makes the operation simple and convenient for users. Reliable PLC control and accurate and fast information feedback network enable users to know the equipment running status and alarm information in time through the operation screen.

Manufacturers of automatic blow molding machines are increasingly focusing on developing fast and low-cost automatic blow molding machines. The future development trend is that the equipment will be smaller, more flexible, multipurpose, and high-efficiency. This trend also includes saving time and reducing costs, so what the packaging industry is pursuing is a combined, simplified, mobile fully automatic blow molding machine. In the automation of fully automatic blow molding machines, automated operation procedures have been widely used, such as PLC equipment, data collection systems, etc.

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